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In the first century, a zealous group of men and women set out to change the world with the message of Jesus the Christ. They called themselves “followers of the Way”, Christians.

Though they faced fierce resistance, these disciples of Jesus stood against war, worldly politics, and the idolatry of their day to point people to the more excellent way of life in Kingdom of the Son.

More than 1800 years later, Barton Stone and Alexander Campbell, dismayed by the religious sectarianism of their day, came together under the banner of the Bible to work for restoration and unity in the Church of Christ.

Later known as the “Stone-Campbell Movement” or “Restoration Movement”, some of their distinctives included weekly communion, baptism for salvation, and a high view of Scripture alone as the supreme authority for Christian life and practice.

Their spiritual descendants live on today in the fellowships known as the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, among others.

The purpose of this site is to facilitate discussion and mutual edification between Christians of Restoration conviction and other believers who have as their focus the spread of the Gospel of the Kingdom Jesus preached.

“The spread of the peaceful principles of the Savior, will draw men out of the kingdoms of earth into the kingdom of God.” — David Lipscomb

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