In the first century, a zealous group of men and women set out to change the world with the message of Jesus Christ. They called themselves “followers of the Way”, Christians.

Though they faced fierce resistance, these disciples of Jesus stood against war, worldly politics, and the idolatry of their day to point people to a more excellent way of life in relationship with Jesus in his kingdom.

More than 1600 years later, another group of passionate and persecuted Christians, this time in Europe, stood against centuries of corruption and corrosion that threatened the integrity of Christ’s Church and name.

Their enemies called them “anabaptists”, repulsed by their practice of (re)baptizing those who had been “baptized” as infants in state churches.

Call them Anabaptists, Kingdom Christians, or Radical Believers, they had as their mission to live by the Sermon on the Mount, preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, and interpret the Bible as pure babes in Christ.

Furthermore, in the 1800s, Barton Stone and Alexander Campbell, dismayed by the sectarianism destroying the fraternal love between God’s children, came together under the banner of the Bible to work for restoration and unity in Christ’s Church.

Later known as the “Stone-Campbell Movement” or “Restoration Movement”, some of their distinctives included weekly communion, baptism for salvation, and a high view of Scripture.

Their spiritual descendants live on today in the Churches of Christ, Christian Churches, International Churches of Christ, and so forth.

Today, another wind is sweeping through the land as Restoration Movement Christians slowly awaken to a new spiritual heritage among those of conservative Anabaptist convictions.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage such Christians, facilitate discussion and cooperation between traditional Anabaptists and those of Restoration conviction, and do our part to help spread the Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus preached.

“The spread of the peaceful principles of the Savior, will draw men out of the kingdoms of earth into the kingdom of God.” — David Lipscomb


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