Audio Resources

The Legacy of Non-Resistance in the Churches of Christ: An excellent lecture by Chuck Pike, a minister with roots in the Restoration Movement (International Church of Christ), which fleshes out legacy of non-resistance in the Restoration Movement.

Non-Resistance Interview: A shorter interview with Chuck Pike on non-resistance, the Bible, and the Restoration Movement.

Headcoverings by Joe Hamm: A message given by evangelist Joe Hamm of the Wallingford Church of Christ in support of the biblical case for head-covering.

Jesus Christ: Prince of Peace or God of War?: Douglas Jacoby is an international apologist, writer, and speaker. In this lecture he lays out the case for Christianity as a religion of peace, with themes all Christians who believe in the Two Kingdom doctrine will benefit from. He is of the International Church of Christ.

It’s Just War?: A team debate in which Anabaptists Dean Taylor and David Bercot debate two just war advocates in favor of biblical non-resistance. Must listen.

David Bercot, an attorney by trade and a well-known Anabaptist Bible teacher and expert on the ante-Nicene Church, has recorded a number of lectures which illuminate biblical teaching in light of the writings of the ante-Nicene Church. Here are some of those lectures:

— Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms

Separation from the World

The Gospel of Jesus about the Poor




Anabaptist Perspective on Warfare: (description from the YouTube video) Dean Taylor once served in the USA military, but later came to a unique perspective on how a Christian interacts with government, the military, and God’s Kingdom. This is session 2 of a 6-part series based on Taylor’s book, A Change of Allegiance.

Should Christians Vote?: A debate on Christianity and voting with Matthew Millioni defending the no-voting position.

A Nineteenth-Century Anti-War Triumvirate: A fascinating Libertarian perspective on the anti-war views of Alexander Campbell, David Lipscomb, and Tolbert Fanning given by Laurence M. Vance, an Associated Scholar of the Mises Institute.

The Idol of Politics: A stirring message by Wes McAdams, a preacher at the church of Christ on McDermott, on how politics and one’s country become idols for some.

The Cross and the Sword: A series of controversial messages on the doctrine of the two kingdoms given by author, scholar, and pastor Gregory Boyd.

Christians in Politics Debate: A debate on Christians in politics featuring three panelists with differing views. Gregory Boyd represents a two kingdom perspective.

Politics and the Church: A podcast interview between RRAV founder and creator, Eric Miller, and Paul Axton of Forging Ploughshares on politics and the Church.