Kingdom Journey Series – Sharing how Christians with roots in the Restoration Movement came to embrace Kingdom Christianity:

Kingdom Journey: Shawnele Surplus (Part 1)

Kingdom Journey: Shawnele Surplus (Part 2)

Kingdom Journey: David Sanabria (Part 1)

Kingdom Journey: David Sanabria (Part 2)

Kingdom Journey: Eric Miller

Kingdom Journey: Ted Hake (Part 1)

Kingdom Journey: Ted Hake (Part 2)

Other Interviews:

The Life and Legacy of David Lipscomb: An Interview with Dr. John Mark Hicks

Christianity and Politics: An Interview with Dr. Christopher Petruzzi

Christians, Muslims, and Gospel-Centered Friendships: An Interview with Dr. David Shenk

Fighting Biblical Illiteracy with Buzzers: An Interview with National Bible Bowl Director Josiah Gorman